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Physics Workshops 2018

Professional development workshop series in physics to assist teachers of middle years 5 - 8, and inexperienced teachers of physics years 9 - 10.

  • Are you a teacher of science in the middle-years (5-8) or lower secondary years (7-10), wondering how to engage students in learning the basics of physics?
  • Do your students find it hard to see how physics ideas relate to their experiences outside the classroom?
  • Do you wish your students were asking more questions about physics topics?
  • Do you feel your own physics background has not prepared you well for teaching some physics topics?
  • Would you like to feel more confident about your own understanding of the physics in your school’s science curriculum?

These one-day workshop are designed for you!

(They may also be suitable for teachers of year 11 physics who do not have a strong physics background.)

New Workshop announced for 2018 - Newton's Laws of Motion on Friday 16 March 2018

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Interactions: Making sense of Newton's laws of motion

Friday 16 March 2018

Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm
Venue: STAV House, 5 Munro Street, Coburg
Presenter: Christina Hart

Cost: STAV individual Member $100, Non-Member or Subscriber $120

Newton’s Laws of Motion epitomise the essence of physics: three simple axioms that together account for all the mechanical interactions in our experiential world, and yield elegant mathematical predictions. Yet for many people they also represent everything that is most impenetrable and abstract in physics. In this workshop we will look for the meaning behind the archaic expressions of these laws, and explore their ramifications for understanding everyday experiences such as skateboard riding and trampoline jumps.

This workshop is intended for teachers of years 5 – 10 science who wish to develop their own conceptual understanding; the concepts are presented at the level of year 9 – 11 students. Some pedagogical implications of the axiomatic nature of the concepts will be considered, including the year levels at which the concepts can be meaningfully addressed, the limited scope for hands-on activities that contribute to students’ conceptual understanding in this topic, and the consequent need for alternative strategies for engaging student interest. The workshop may also be useful for teachers of year 11 physics who have limited experience teaching at this level, and/or have limited formal background in physics.

STAV asks that teachers enrol for this workshoponly if they will participate in the whole day.

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