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Publications for primary and lower secondary

The following resources have been published by the Curriculum Corporation and are available for purchase

from STAV Publishing. STAV members/subscribers receive discounted prices.

Essential Science Skills
A toolbox for the middle years
Essential science skills is a 126-page black line masters book for use with years 5 – 7.
Developing science skills and knowing how to apply them is an essential part of learning about science. Science skills such as communicate, investigate, use ICT, use scientific knowledge and many more are presented as student handout sheets. These are complemented with classroom strategies for use by the teacher and student skill builder worksheets – ready for photocopying and instant use. Student skill builders provide usable examples of how the classroom strategies can be implemented; they demonstrate how to explicitly teach the strategies and provide students with many opportunities to use them. A series of matrices show links with VELS and how the skills and classroom strategies are linked.


Finding Dinosaurs: Young scientists at work

Finding Dinosaurs introduces middle and upper primary students to the latest understanding of dinosaurs and other Mesozoic life.

The book is divided into 18 topics, each posed as a question for students to explore. Finding Dinosaurs encourages students to ‘become scientists’ – ask questions, propose and test theories, design experiments and discover for themselves the latest ideas about dinosaurs.

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