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Registration opening date: Monday 26 February 2018

Registration closing date: Monday 28 May 2018

Entry fees: Individual $8 per entry; Group (maximum 2 students) $15 per entry.

Register your school, students and judges

Schools must register students and judges on the STS online system. The online system opens for 2018 registration on Monday 26 February. You must register all students and judges by Monday 28 May . After this date the online system closes and you cannot access it.

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(Contact STS project officer for enquiries)
(Contact STS project officer for enquiries)

How to Use the Online System
There are instructions in the STS Handbook. For more detailed instructions and screen dumps Click Here

Useful Proformas
Use these forms to collect data for student entries and volunteer judges to assist you with registration. Don't send these forms to STAV.
They are for your use only. School STS Coordinators will enter this information online. 

Student and Project details

Student & Project Details

Judge Details - email and mobile or home phone contact number is essential

Judge Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Your query may be answered by our FAQs.

For all other queries, email the STS project officer.

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